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Self-Contained Cycling

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real journeys through France and Spain

Self Contained Cycle Touring

Simply hire what you need, and go!
Instead of signing up to a pre-packaged cycling tour, have your own adventure.
There are many tour operators offering all inclusive cycling holidays that stipulate the route to follow and places to stay, whilst they move your luggage from point to pre-designated point. There are many purists that swear an 'organised' holiday destroys the spirit of touring on a bike. Making use of VeloLoco logistics puts this spirit back into your trip, giving you opportunities to travel to places you want to see. We supply the bike and equipment then you're ready to pack up and go. When you've finished your adventure, we come and collect you and the bike.

A self-contained cycling tour with VéloLoco offers you:

  • Open-jaw cycling journeys.
  • The freedom to control your own itinerary.
  • The ability to travel at your own pace.
  • The flexibility to travel on a date that suits you.
  • Logistical support to ease return journey planning, removing the need for round trips.

Add-On Services

Example 1: An adventure between Toulouse and Barcelona.

  • Pick a date for your adventure to start and a location (e.g. Toulouse airport).
  • Decide how much time you have available for your trip (e.g. one week).
  • Discuss with VeloLoco your intended destination (e.g. Barcelona).
  • Hire appropriate bikes and equipment for your journey (e.g. a touring bike with panniers).
  • Reserve your adventure and pre-arrange delivery and collection locations, then look forward to making your own way and exploring France and Spain!

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We will endeavour to include the elements important to you in a bespoke holiday, be that sightseeing, running, cycling or other activity. The trip is tailormade to fit with your requirements and the time you have available...

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