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Cycling through Catalonia and Andorra

Cycling the pyrenees foothills of south western France...

For relaxed gourmets and gluttons for punishment!

Region Description

Andorra La Vella

Experience varied landscapes, cuisine and climate of a three country tour through the Roussillon region of France, Costa Brava, Catalonia in Spain and the principality of Andorra. We recommend planning a loop and passing close by the following regional airports, Perpignan, Carcassonne or Girona. Bike supply and transfers to and from any of these airports is possible with a the three countries tour.
Choosing daily distances between 50 and 60 miles, in this region is wise as there is some climbing as you cross the Pyrenees. We can help tailor the exact itinerary to your ability.

Santa Pau

If starting at Perpignan, you could follow the coastline south to Llanca before heading inland to Figueres and Girona. Salvador Dali spent much of his life in the Catalan region and his influence can be seen in many of the local villages. From Girona, head west, past lake Banyoles and towards Santa Pau nestled in the volcanic region of the catalan pyrenees. There is a superb view to be enjoyed by taking a hot-air ballon ride over the volcanoes from Santa Pau. A meal at one of the finest restaurants in the region Cal Sanpare is not to be missed! For strong riders, the route into Andorra climbs the Col des Toses an easier route passes through Seo de Urgel before entering Andorra from the south. After exploring Andorra la Vella, you'd head back into France over the Col de Puymorens and past the solar furnace at Font Romeu descending towards Prades. This loop is completed with a final optional climb to the spa town of Amelie la Palada, or by continuing though the Roussillon back to Perpignan.


6 night break on PAYS basis - from 500 € per person

This region is accessible from May to the start of November and bikes can be supplied to match your requirements. Ask for a personal quotation and we will help make it happen!

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