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Bespoke Cycling Tours

VéloLoco at your Service

Relaxing at a French Cafe

You are looking for a cycling holiday in France or Spain, but so far all the trips you've found have a problem... Either the dates don't suit, the itinerary just isn't quite right or you're looking for something more from your trip.

At VéloLoco we specialise in preparing your bespoke bike trip.

<bêspõ'ke>: tailor, etc., (seller of) clothes made to order, opp. ready-made clothes etc.

There are a lot of possibilities........
.......the three main genres of custom bike tour (self-contained, self-guided and fully supported) are introduced below.

Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours

Fully Supported
Cycling Tours







Shared Tours Private Tours

Shared or Private Cycling Tours

Once you have chosen your tour type and you are all set to go, you have two further choices:

  • your bespoke trip can be private or
  • you can advertise your trip to encourage others to share in your adventure

Sharing your bespoke cycling tour is a great way to meet travellers with similar interests and may also reduce the cost of your trip.

Private tours have advantages too, you have more control over your trip and you know in advance who you'll be travelling with! The exclusivity of a private cycling holiday makes for a very different experience to run-of-the-mill pre-packaged cycling tours. Learn more...

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We will endeavour to include the elements important to you in a bespoke holiday, be that sightseeing, running, cycling or other activity. The trip is tailormade to fit with your requirements and the time you have available...

Bicycle tour please!


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