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Terms and Conditions

Bespoke holidays may be subjected to additional conditions.

On signing the booking form issued before every VeloLoco Holiday, the customer agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


(VeloLoco): is used as a trading name to mean the enterprise (societe), based in Aulus-les-Bains.
(customer): is the named contact (or their representative) and signatury on the booking form.
(third parties): are people or organisations outside this agreement ie. neither the customer (or their representative) or VeloLoco.
(holiday): the daily route and activities described in the itinerary (through correspondance) and agreed between VeloLoco and the customer.
(equipment): means all items hired from VeloLoco. This includes bikes of all types, tents, trailers, tools, helmets, locks and accessories.
(additional items): means consumables related to cycling such as inner tubes, water bottles and puncture repair kits.
(additional fees): means direct costs incurred through cancellation, alteration and administration.
(fit state): means in full working order, needing no repair or adjustment.
(period of hire): the time between the customer receiving equipment and VeloLoco accepting return of equipment.

Holiday Booking

(i) The bespoke holiday created by VeloLoco and the customer, is subject to availability.
(ii) Bookings are accepted and reservations made on receipt of a deposit. Accommodation and bike hire is not reserved until a deposit has been received either on-line at or received in Euro Travellers Cheques.
(iii) Once a deposit has been received, the customer has tacitly agreed to the bespoke holiday itinerary described and changes to the itinerary may incurr additional fees.
(iv) the customer must have adequate activity holiday insurance cover.

Holiday Payment, Alterations & Cancellations

(i) A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking.
(ii) The full balance is due 60 days before the start of the holiday.
(iii) Prices quoted and holiday costs are subject to change until the start date of the holiday.
(iv) Alterations to the holiday itinerary may incurr an additional fee, payable before the alteration is made.
(v) All refunds, in the event of cancellation by the customer in writing, are at the discretion of VeloLoco.
(vi) The customer will be notified 30 days in advance in the event of holiday cancellation or alteration by VeloLoco.
(vii) In the event of holiday cancellation by VeloLoco, the customer will be offered an alternative holiday (if available) or a full refund.
(viii) In the event of holiday alteration by VeloLoco, the customer will be given an option to cancel with full refund.

Equipment Hire

(i) Bikes are hired with helmet and lock.
(ii) The equipment must be treated with care at all times.
(iii) VeloLoco reserves the right to remove equipment from the customer (if the customer is deemed to be mistreating equipment) or replace equipment at any time during the period of hire.
(iv) Additional items and equipment may be bought or hired from VeloLoco at the start of the holiday.
(v) The customer must not seek to repair any damage or make alterations to rental equipment without prior authorisation from VeloLoco.
(vi) All equipment remains the property of VeloLoco during the period of hire and cannot be sold, given or hired to third parties by the customer.


(i) a cash bond of 15% of the total equipment value, or the customers passport (or drivers license) is taken at the start of the hire period.
(ii) the customer will pay (at the time of equipment collection) the total replacement value of any equipment lost or stolen.
(iii) the customer will pay (at the time of collection) for any and all repairs to equipment in the event of accident or damage.
(iv) the customer will pay (at the time of collection) the agreed value of any additional items used.
(v) VeloLoco accepts return of equipment only when outstanding debts for damage and additional items used have been paid for.
(v)(i) specifically, if a key to a cycle lock rented from VeloLoco is lost, 50% of the lock replacement value is payable.
(vi) there is no charge for unused additional items that are returned in a fit state.


(i) all equipment hired is the responsibility of the customer during the period of hire.
(ii) the customer must lock and protect equipment when not in use, during the period of hire.
(iii) the customer will not hold VeloLoco responsible for accident or injury sustained during the holiday.
(iv) the customer will not hold VeloLoco responsible for difficulties of health or incapacity during the holiday.
(v) the customer will not hold VeloLoco responsible for personal possessions lost or stolen during the holiday.
(vi) the customer will not hold VeloLoco responsible for disruption to a holiday in the event of hire equipment loss or theft.


(i) the customer must register a complaint immediately with the VeloLoco representative.
(ii) in the event of a complaint, VeloLoco will make best efforts to remedy the problem to the customers satisfaction.
(iii) any complaints about accommodation must be made directly with the manager of the accommodation.
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