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Pyrenees Weather and climate

Weather in Aulus-les-Bains...

Sunshine or Showers?


Currently, Aulus-les-Bains is enjoying:

Current weather in Aulus

Pyrenees climate & rainfall information

The weather varies considerably across the Pyreneen chain. The general rule is that the West is wet, and the East is much dryer. Furthermore, the Spanish side of the Pyreneen chain is considerably warmer than the French (as it can be thought of as one large south facing slope). As a consequence, plant and animal life change almost as soon as you cross the border. At our base in Aulus-les-Bains, the French side has lush wooded forests of beech and oak whereas the Spanish side is sparsely planted with low vegetation and dotted with pine trees. The desolate but beautiful nature of the Spanish Pyrenees is in part due to the destruction of olive groves several decades ago.

The climate year-round is that of temperate mountain regions, in particular short bursts of heavy rainfall can be expected in April and May, and stable periods of high pressure between September through to November give clear blue skies. During the height of summer (especially August), short violent thunderstorms are a regular occurance mid-afternoon. Occassionally, the onset of winter is heralded by a cold-snap at the start of November, however any snow usually melts away below about 1000m altitude. Winter conditions are to be expected between January and March.

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Find the latest weather forecast for pyrenees. Climate information including seasonal variations will be added shortly...

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